Mindful Leadership




Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and Neuroscience go together. They build a reliable foundation for real personal growth at depth. We, the teachers at Mindful Leadership Institute, are at service to provide you with an outstanding learning journey, built on mindfulness practices and latest scientific study results (from neuroscience to psychology to sociology), in order to help you build your Emotional Intelligence.


Studies show how building your Emotional Intelligence help you achieve

  • outstanding leadership
  • stellar performance
  • deep well being
  • and develop your ability for intense collaboration, navigating conflict, leveraging creativity, solving problems, thinking critically ... and many more business and survival critical skills for the coming decade and its disruptions.




The power of concentration is a main component to our mental performance. How we direct our awareness determines which mental habits we form, how we experience and manage emotions and eventually how we perform.

Emotional Intelligence

Workplace studies have shown that the factor emotional intelligence is the key variable for success, effectiveness in leadership and wellbeing in general. Main trait of emotionally intelligent leaders: being aware of their own emotional and mental states. (See also what the World Economic Forum says on critical skills for the next decade)


Mindfulness is the funda-mental skill which boosts inner growth: From self awareness, to self management and to our social competencies: clear scientific evidence shows that the entire palette of these skills are build on mindfulness and benefit from mindfulness being practised regularly.