2 Day Seminar

Inhouse at your Organisation:


We provide your leaders and executive professionals with the opportunity to embark on the Search-Inside-Yourself journey within your organisation and space. Depending on target group, you can choose German or English facilitation and teaching. For intense personal learning and peer exchange, we recommend a group size of 10 to 50 people per seminar. After these 2 intense days, we accompany the participants along a 28 day challenge, during which they can deepen their experience and experiment with the concepts, tools and practices introduced during the Seminar. During a closing webinar, we check in with the group for further guidance and support.  




Agenda of the 2-Day Seminar

Day 1


Introduction into Emotional Intelligence


Mindfulness & Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence

Key competencies of Emotional Intelligence

The theory and science behind Mental Practices

Focus and attention

Self awareness


Day 1


Self Management & Motivation


Emotions and Decision Making

The brain and the science behind emotions' impact

Understanding triggers

Models for Self Management

Augmented Self Management


Day 2


Motivation & Empathy


The psychology of Motivation

From values to visions

Cognitive and Emotional Resilience

Empathy and psychological safety at work

Understanding others at depth

Building trust: from "Me" to "We"


Day 2


Social competencies and Leadership


From Empathy to Compassion in Leadership

Communication with Insight 

Difficult conversations

Leaders in service

Connecting the dots

A Leader's Commitment

Integration Day


How to integrate Mindful Leadership and Emotional Intelligence into our daily lives, live the practice, grow through challenges?


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